The East Lancashire Group was founded in Accrington in 1964. The group was created by ordinary people just like you with the purpose of improving the standards of driving and road safety in the area.

Group's Catchment Area
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The East Lancashire Group of the Institute of Advanced Motorists is run by committee, with members being elected to posts in March of each year.


A number of people who have successfully passed their advanced driving test help those who are still learning. Not only is this a worthwhile and fulfilling way of using an hour or so each week but it is also an excellent way of maintaining the high level of driving they have acheived.

As well as a growing number of younger observers, many of our observers have been helping people become advanced drivers for many years and have alot of experience to pass on.


The East Lancashire Group has access to a pool of examiners, the majority of which are either serving or retired class 1 police advanced drivers.