What is it?

"Skill for Life" is a twelve week driving course leading to an Advanced Driving Assessment and Full Membership (for one year only) of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Available to holders of a current full UK driving licence with at least 12 months driving experience and use of a taxed and insured vehicle. (Course attendees will be required to sign an IAM Vehicle Documentation Declaration Form.)

The all-inclusive cost of the "Skill for Life" course is £149 and includes:

  • 12 weeks worth of Advanced Driver Guidance (1 hour/week with an observer)
  • A copy of the I.A.M's official manual - "Advanced Driving - The Essential Guide"
  • An up-to-date copy of "The Highway Code"
  • Access to the group's collection of books, videos and miscellaneous information
  • One sitting of the Advanced Driving Test with a Class 1 police driver examiner

Guidance consists of 6, one hour long sessions with your own personal advanced driving observer. These typically occur every fortnight and at times mutually convenient for both yourself and your observer. These sessions consist of you driving your own vehicle and the observer pointing out ways to improve and advanced techniques. After each lesson your Score Sheet will be marked so that you can see where you are improving and what needs to be practised.

Every other week, you are entitled to an hour long lesson under the guidance of a different observer (6 different observers over the duration of the course). This not only prepares you for your test when there will be a different person sat beside you but is useful since each observer is likely to have a slightly different emphasis on helping you become a more advanced driver.

At the end of the 12 weeks you will be entered for an advanced driving test and most probably you will pass. This group has one of the highest pass rates in the country. However, should you fail, we can help you out with a little extra tuition. You would just have to pay another test application fee.

Free Assessment/Demonstration Drive

A Free Assessment/Demostration Drive is arranged on a Sunday morning just before the start of each course. This is for people who are interested in taking the course to have their current driving standard assessed and for them to see an advanced driver at work.

This assessment is totally free and people who come along to this are under no obligation to enrol for the course.

The assessment normally consists of the observer asking you to drive, in your own vehicle and as you would drive normally, for approximately 30 minutes. The observer will then complete and hand to you an Assessment Form on which you will have been assessed on a number of general points. At this point also the observer will tell you whether or not they believe you would benefit from taking the course.

After the assessment drive you will be invited to be a passenger in the observer's own vehicle as they take you on a 30 minute demonstration drive.

This drive, perhaps along the same route as you originally drove, aims to show you how much safer the same journey can be made whilst still making progress and will probably dispel any misconceptions you may have about today's advanced drivers drive.

Assessment/Demonstration Drives start at 10.30 am from the car park of the Walton Arms, Altham, BB5 5UL. Click here for a map.

Enrolment Night

The Enrolment Night meeting is normally held on the Tuesday evening following the assessment/demonstration drive. It usually consists of a general presentation and talk about the group followed by an opportunity for people to ask any questions they may have.

People are free to turn up at this meeting even if they are still undecided about joining the course. Those who do decide to enrol for the course will need their driver's licence, documentary proof of insurance (and MOT certificate if applicable) and payment (by credit/debit card only please). Once the paperwork has been completed, each course member will be assigned their own personal one-to-one observer and the date and time of their first lesson can be arranged. You and your one-to-one observer can arrange mutually convenient times for your lessons to fit in with your lifestyle/working hours.

Enrolment Night meetings take place at 7.30 pm at Burnley Campus, Barden Lane, Burnley, BB10 1JD. Click here for a map.

Half-Time/Meet the examiners Meeting

This meeting is intentionally arranged for one weekday evening in the middle of the course when your confidence levels may require a boost. Change the driving habits of several years for new, more advanced ones takes time and practice. This meeting allows you to talk with other people on the course, the observers and also the examiners, one of which will be taking you for your test. Use this meeting to ask for clarification on certain points, the reasons for doing particular things, etc.

It is also at the half-time meeting when people who were on the last course and who have successfully passed their test, receive their certificates. These people know at first hand what the test is like and their input into the meeting is often useful.

Half-Time meetings take place at 7.30 pm at Burnley Campus, Barden Lane, Burnley, BB10 1JD. Click here for a map.

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