Your Most Challenging Drives

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We all have them. A drive we look forward to making. Where we can put all of those advanced driving techniques we have learnt into practise. Where we get a real buzz from being in control of the car - handling it safely - making good progress.

Why not try out some of the drives below. Or send in your own for us all to enjoy!

Gisburn - Greystone - Blacko - Higherford - Barrowford, 20mins - mostly 60mph country roads - some 30mph The East Lancashire Advanced Motorists

Anyone who has done the advanced driving course with the East Lancashire group is sure to know this drive. It's a favourite - probably because there's a bit of everything - fast country driving, tight corners, and good observation and hazard skills required from Blacko down to Barrowford.

Laneshaw Bridge - Wycoller - Stanbury - Moor Side - Oxenhope - Denholme, 30mins - mainly 60mph country roads Stuart Dalby

This drive takes you across some outstanding scenery - not that you'll have much time to admire it if you're the driver!

The drive takes you across the top of the Pennines - out of Lancashire and into West Yorkshire.

There's plenty of opportunities to put that advanced observation into practice - and many chances to give your car a good bit of exercise on some of the steep hills.

But there are frequent overtaking opportunities so you'll never be held up for long.

Go as far as the Ponden Mill Shop just before Stanbury or maybe go explore Brontë country and Haworth.

Remember to send in your own challenging drives! Just give us the general route. We will fill out the article and add pictures as necessary.